BusinessWeek Company Profile: Altheus Therapeutics, Inc.


   Zoenasa Oral Patent Allowance: Altheus announces the USPTO has awarded the Zoenasa Patent for Oral Combination Therapy

   ZA201 is Completed: Altheus completes enrollment of Phase 2 clinical trial of Zoenasa for distal ulcerative colitis

   Additional investors: Altheus gains more support from investors


   i2e Winter Magazine Cover: Altheus advances unique drug combination for IBD

   ZA201 Begins: Altheus announces first patient in Phase 2 ulcerative colitis trial of Zoenasa


   Start-Up Magazine: Expecting chemical synergy to improve ulcerative colitis

   Altheus receives $1.6M grant: EDGE Board OKs $6.2 million in Funding 

   i2e Richard Harty interview: Investors play key role in drug development

   Altheus Completes Phase 1: Zoenasa Phase 1 clinical trial completed


   Altheus Closes Series A Funding: Altheus Therapeutics Secures $3.6 Million